Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's a new resource for every Rockhound ...

Now, I know that there are tons of Rockhounding sites out here on the Net. Still,  I haven't seen one that really acts as not only a place to post Field Trip reports, but a place to organize and communicate with others wishing to plan and execute great field trips.

So, I went out and started Rockhound Field Trip Fanatics! This Ning site has every tool that you need to communicate, coordinate and promote your Field Trip, or post your Trip reports, pictures and videos.
There are forums, event announcements and personal pages.
Perhaps the most useful feature is the "Groups" feature, which allows Members to post messages by specific categories of interest, directly to those who share that interest.

I've already posted some pics and the Little Panoche Field Trip, so go take a look, get connected and start sharing our hobby with everyone we can!


jeribonbon said...

Great time yesterday in the Panoche Hills. Good job Kris!

Blogolopoulos said...

Cool field trip site.

I come from a province with diverse rocks, and I'm surprised to find that there aren't any rockhounding clubs in the area. They're talking about opening a Geopark here... perhaps that will spur some interest. In the meantime, Ill be on your new site. Thumbs up from Eastern Canada. :)

Blogolopoulos said...

Also if you know anything about fossils... check out my site, maybe someone can tell me what I found recently.


Eva said...

Great resource, I linked it on my blog:

Charles Snider said...

You know we always read as many field reports we can before rockhounding. Discovered that the Green's garnet farm was closed by checking the directions. Luckily we did excavate there 3 times for garnets. So your rockhound blog much welcome to the community. Hope you take a look at ours, and maybe we cross-brand?