Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best directions for the Little Panoche Field Trip!

Mark, Glen (a new friend from F.G.M.S.) and I went out to Little Panoche yesterday, and after walking the entire area, it looks even better than we'd thought! We found cutting material that made our eyes pop out, and there's plenty for everyone!

We also found that, if you're coming out from Fresno, the fastest way to get there is to head north across the San Joaquin River on Hwy 99, and take the Ave. 7 exit. Head west on Ave 7, and keep going west until you reach Ave 7 1/2 ("Firebaugh Blvd.") which becomes 13th St as you cross the bridge & enter Firebaugh.
Once you're in Firebaugh, go past the 2 stop signs with the blinking lights, and take a right turn at N St, and a left turn one block north at 12th St. Stay on this road as it becomes W. Nees, then head south on I-5. You'll want to exit at Shields Ave., where you'll see the big white sign that says "ROCKS!" Go west from there.

If you're coming from the South Valley, take your favorite way of getting to I-5. From Kerman, take Hwy. 180 west to Mendota, then go west on Shields Ave. Kepp going west, you'll get there!

If you're not certain what kind of tools and other "stuff" to bring,, be sure to look at the left bottom of my Blog page to find my Tool list. Be sure to bring "swap" rocks, slabs and other cools stuff to share with the many (20+!) rockhounds who're planning to attend!

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